Online Invoicing Made Simple LiteAccounting makes invoicing simple and enjoyable.


Send professional invoices to your clients directly from LiteAccounting.  All of our invoices are sent as PDFs to guarantee correct formatting and you can even add your own logo.

Get Paid

Clients can view their statements and invoices online and pay directly through Paypal. Making it easy for your clients to pay you!


LiteAccounting is web-based, so you can manage your account anywhere you have internet access. There is nothing to download or install and we backup & store all of your data for you.


Create your own products/services to have easily available to add to any invoice. Choose your own currency, date format, tax and even create your own default email message to send with your invoices.


“I’ve been using LiteAccounting for a couple years and absolutely love it. It’s dead simple to use and handles all of my invoicing needs.”

- Dave Donaldson, Max Foundry LLC

“Last year I became self-employed and had no idea how to create professional and reliable invoices for my clients. LiteAccounting has been the perfect solution, now I have confidence in my billing as well as a complete and accurate online record.”

- Louisa Avery, M.Ed. M.S.W.

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  • UserVoice for Feedback and Support
  • by mjeaton on January 4, 2014
  • As I mentioned in the last post, Matt and I recently integrated UserVoice into LiteAccounting. Currently, it's just a link at the top of the page, but we have plans for deeper integration. UserVoice allows us to maintain a single pipeline for support requ...
  • Changes
  • by mjeaton on March 24, 2013
  • Hello, I'd like to this opportunity to introduce myself. I'm Michael Eaton, one of the new owners of LiteAccounting. In late 2012, my friend Matt Davis and I purchased LiteAccounting from the original owner, Jayme Davis. My company, Validus Solutions, ser...

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